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New units will become available online at noon on the 1st of each month and additional units may become available Mondays at noon.

4 X 4 (4.0x4.0x9.0)

Small gedc0119

Unit is 4'w x 4'L x 9'h. roll-up door size 3'w x 7'h. Ground level.

$65 / month

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4 X 10 (10.0x4.0x8.5)

Small summer property pictures 008

units are ground level and are 4'wide x 10' long x 9' high and have roll-up doors 3' wide x 7' high. all metal building.

$100 / month

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4 X 15 (15.0x4.0x9.0)

Small owss 7

Second Story with freight elevator access.
Elevator measurements-
Door 3.8w x 6. 5h
Floor 7 deep x 5 wide x 8 high with a cart. Only 2 units onsite.

$110 / month

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4 X 20 (20.0x4.0x9.0)

Small oess 8

Only 1 4'x 20'x 9' unit. This is a ground-level unit with a roll-up door size of 4' wide x 7' high. All the water drains towards the back of the building from the roof and it makes it easy to maintain the snow and ice in front of the door throughout the winter. It's a concrete and metal building.

$115 / month

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5 X 9 (9.0x5.0x9.0)

Small gedc0104

Ground level. roll-up door Size 3 x 7- 2 units on site. Both enclosed behind the elevator for easy access all winter.

$95 / month

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5 X 12 (12.0x5.0x8.0)

Small summer property pictures 001

unit size 5'w x 12'L x 8'h. Roll-up door size 3'w x 6'8" h. Shade side. wood framed metal building.

$105 / month

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5 X 15 (15.0x5.0x8.0)

Small ow26

Unit is 5'w x 15'L x 8'h. Roll-up door 2'11"w x 6'8"h. Wood framed metal buildings. Sun side

$115 / month

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6 X 15 (15.0x6.0x9.0)

Small img 6374

unit is on second level 6x15x9 with a roll-up size 4'wide and 6'8 high. It has a freight elevator with a door size of 3'9 wide x 6'5" high Elevator size is 5'8" wide x 7'4" high x 8' deep. We provide a small cart for easy moving They have an enclosed entrance which makes it easy access all winter and stays dry.

$120 / month

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10 X 10 (10.0x10.0x8.5)

Small owss13

This unit is a 10'x 10'x 8'.6" high with a roll-up door 8' wide and 7' high and is a all metal building. All ground level.

$150 / month

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10 X 20 (20.0x10.0x9.0)

Small img 6379

Unit is 10x20x9 and has a roll-up door size 7'10' wide and 7' high. Great for a smaller car. Units are ground level and on the sun side with rain gutters. not accessible with large trucks.

$225 / month

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12 X 20 (20.0x12.0x8.0)

Small owss15

Ground level units-spread through the site. Doors and heights vary among units
Check with office for car storage

$235 / month

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12 X 24 (24.0x12.0x8.5)

Small img 6380

Unit is 12'w x 24'L x 8'8"h. Roll-up door size 7'5"h x 7'7"w. concrete buildings. Great for cars. 25' wide asphalt road between buildings. All ground level. great units.

$260 / month

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12 X 25 (25.0x12.0x17.0)

Small img 6376

There are 12 of these units all ground level. Unit is 12'x25'x17'. most units have a loft with stairs for extra storage space. It has a large roll up door 9'w x 12'h. units face the sun and are bunkered in the hill so they stay cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter. Water drains off the back of the building to eliminate ice build up in front of the door. Not semi-truck accesible.

$340 / month

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12 X 40 (40.0x12.0x8.5)

Small owss14

4 units on site with doors on each end in the C Building. Unit size is 12'w x 40'l x 9'h. with roll-up doors 10' wide and 8' high. all metal building. ground level. not accessible by semi truck.

$470 / month

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14 X 20 (20.0x14.0x9.6)

Small gedc0084

Ground level. Only 2 units on site
door size w10'x8'. Faces entrance road so it's easy to back up a long trailer.

$240 / month

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15 X 20 (20.0x15.0x9.0)

Small img 6382

Ground level units-Only 5 on the site. Doors are 8' Wide and 6'8" high. Wood framed metal buildings. Roof slides a few times during the winter but gets cleared asap. Also must put down pallets we provide because of the risk of water in the spring.

$245 / month

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